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A place for farm animals to live a life filled with kind hands and loving hearts, warm beds and plenty of food. A place that promotes vegan living and reconnecting with nature through education and awareness! Come join us and make your heart happier too!

We are a volunteer based organization and payment comes only in the form of smiles and licks :)

Who are We?


We are a bunch of animal nuts who are determined to create a sanctuary for farm animals. Our funds are very limited but our enthusiasm is extremely high and this summer will be the start. Hopefully by the end of 2018 we can start taking animals in!

We want You


Become a part of Happy Heart! If you can physically help do that or maybe you can help with a donation but if you can't do either we would love to have your loving thoughts and kindness! 

And then there were 3... :)

The first animals have arrived!

So much has happened since our last message where we filled you in on the fence story!

Some of you might know Dean and Kelley Mercier from New England Autoglass... well let me tell you they are first class animal lovers! They have rescued quite a few dogs and have worked together with Justice for Dogs for years.
So about 4 weeks ago Dean sent Claudia (founder of Happy Heart) a message saying there is a little goat that needs a home, otherwise it will end up dead because she is "not big enough for the freezer" according to the guy who owned the goat!
She answered YES!!! We made some very quick last minute finishings on the tiny barn (the chicken coop to be) and the fence and then we were ready. 

We were so excited and also a little nervous because the little goat would be all alone and sad but at least safe and loved...

Dean and Kelley showed up with the company van around 4 PM on Sunday August 12th and we could hardly believe it but there was a dog kennel in the back with 2 yes TWO little goats in it!!!

Dean told us that when he took Kelley (the little black and white goat), Marilyn (the white one) was screaming. Thank all the heavens that Dean talked the guy into giving Marilyn up as well. I don't even want to know what he had to do to get her out but we will be forever grateful that he made it happen!

Now you are probably wondering where the third little goat came from. Her name is June and she came with that name so we kept it. June had a brother and he unfortunately passed away. Now goats are herd animals and don't like to be alone so her mom contacted us to give her a new goat family and so June came on Saturday September 1st and tears were shed by her mom but she knows that she is in excellent hands and will have new friends to play with. 

The dynamic has certainly changed and June is pulling seniority on Kelley and Marilyn but they are starting to get a long better every day and as soon as I leave the fenced in area she runs to her sisters!

Happy Heart Sanctuary is finally open and as soon as the first animals arrived it all of a sudden had a soul. The missing piece arrived and Happy Heart now has a heartbeat that we can hear.

Happiness has moved in...

With the deepest gratitude and appreciation to all that have helped and will help to keep the heartbeat going

Happy Heart Team
A Farm Animal Sanctuary


Miracles do happen!

We have a fence!!!


The best story of Happy Heart so far:

Claudia just went to Guys Farm and Yard in Morrisville to order more fencing since they only had a couple rolls last time and needed to order the taller kind, 6 foot fencing. When she said to Sam, the owner, how much it would be he told her that it is paid for by an anonymous donor!!!
She begged him to give her the name but he wouldn’t budge! This is an expensive item since we need quite a bit of fencing to make sure the animals have as much space as we can possibly give them and to make it as secure as possible so they don’t get out and more importantly so wild animals don’t get in and hurt them.

We are truly in utter shock at the kindness of these anonymous people who are supporting Happy Heart so much, helping every which way they can to make this dream come true!

Unfortunately we can’t thank you directly but please know that whoever you are who is donating this fence to us it is so deeply appreciated and will not be forgotten! We hope you will contact us privately so we can thank you in person although words cannot express how grateful we are!
Thanks to incredibly good Samaritans like you this dream is becoming a reality much quicker and the animals will be profoundly grateful!!! 

We had a lot more fencing then this :)

We had a lot more fencing then this :)

Many Hands Make Light Work

Putting in the fence and putting in the barn doors

The later part of July 2018 we had a put in the fence weekend and friends of Happy Heart came as far a Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and even California to help! It was a huge success because not only did we get the entire fence put it, but we also got started on the gates. 

Our volunteers were like machines and wouldn't stop even in almost 90 degree weather. So the barn doors received their hardware and were also installed. 

In order to keep our bodies going we had Judith Foti and her husband come by with delicious vegan food, too much to name and eat!

Thank you all so much and especially Debbie, David, Tatsu, Gerard and Chris for tracking so far to help! We couldn't have done it without you guys! 

Tatsu, Debbie, Gerard, Chris, Claudia, David

Tatsu, Debbie, Gerard, Chris, Claudia, David


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Author Claudia Stauber is donating all the proceeds of her books to Happy Heart Sanctuary so please check out her books!

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Animals should live in Freedom!

Together we are creating a dream! 

A dream that can come true for many animals, a dream of a warm place that is soft with hay and straw and plenty of food, a place where they are safe and nobody mistreats them for any reason, a place where there will always be ample food and most of all kind hands that touch them with love and compassion!

Of course love always goes both ways! 

By creating Happy Heart Sanctuary we are not just creating a place for animals but for human beings as well. It is a place where we are building a community for everybody that wants to make this world better. All of our events will be centered around one theme and that is HAPPINESS! Making all Hearts Happier and doing good in the world.

Eating yummy food! 
One of the easiest ways to stop suffering for farm animals is to stop eating them and we will make sure that you have amazingly delicious alternatives. We will have many cooking classes and all of them will be plant based. The heath benefits will be astonishing as well!

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All proceeds from Claudia Stauber's books will go to Happy Heart Sanctuary! 

Please check them out and order some, it will all benefit us!

Thank you so much for your generosity!